About Us

We met at a summer camp working as first time staff members and became friends through mutual friends. Then we grew closer as aggies having shared interests in photography but the idea of shooting weddings, or any type of photography project for that matter, together never really came about. It wasn't until we both graduated from Texas A&M did we build up to the idea, and officially in the fall of 2021 we shot our first wedding as a duo.

Of course with the emergence of COVID, things have been rough but we're coming into the spotlight with the support of our community. Our style of photography has captured the attention of many along with the joy and energy we bring. "The community including other photographers, event coordinators, DJs, etc. have mentioned the photos they see attached to the experience Ash & Jet brought along with them."

Let us capture your special day!


Ashleigh & Jet Norway

ps - we also have our own creative ventures linked below

Hey there, I'm Ashleigh

Simply put — I love, love

... I also go by Ash. I'm a Marketing Director for Angel Quest, a local business manager in the La Grange area. I also do weddings, engagements, and senior portraits. Fun fact I have an incredible love for chai and an allergy to lavender.

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Hello Hello, Jet here

First name: Jet Norway

Yes I have two first names but usually work with one camera at a time. I'm a full time freelance travel photographer - although my work does include weddings, portraits, and brands the bulk of my work includes landscapes and travel shots of various places around Texas.