The Wedding of Kelli & Cameron Marshall

August 14th, 2021

What a day! *And I mean that in the most joyous way ever*

The day in general was beautiful, the weather was clear, the couple were beautiful and fully of life, and their party? Oh their wedding party, from the flower girl and to the ring bearer, were radiating a fun embracive energy that was only meant for a good time!

We had a wonderful time, the venue was beautiful and all the venders involved were amazing!

Thank you Kelli and Cameron, it was an honor to record your special day!

With Love,

Ash & Jet

Reception at Casa Blanca of Brushy Creek

love yard

here's your invite, welcome

01 / 17

And then they opened the reception hall...

... they pronounced "let them eat cake!" Not really but they made a grand entrance and the reception festivities had began!

The dancing begins...

At this point, the night gets hazy and the room is filled with dancers, joy, and a bit of flashing colorful lights. For us, Ash & Jet, this is where we bring more of our experience into low-light photos and our social-fun personality to our wedding party! We've thrown in some of our favorite highlights but the rest get kept with those who owned the night haha

Congrats, once again Kelli and Cameron Marshall!!